Fitness Boot Camp Business System

The #1 Turn-Key Fitness Boot Camp Business System in the World!

You will be given our step-by-step blueprint that makes Adventure Boot Camp #1 worldwide

  • #1 most recognizable brand
  • #1 searched brand on Google
  • #1 most indexed brand on the Internet
  • #1 recipient for community and media awards globally
  • No monthly licensing fees ever (not a franchise)
  • Top-rated training, workouts and business coaching
  • Proven strategic marketing & business systems (online & off)


Adventure Boot Camp is a division of NESTA – National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association
NESTA Fitness Certifications

Exciting Workouts & Classes

You will learn exactly how to create safe and fun fitness boot camp classes that thrill your campers and have them bringing their friends to have the same experience! Your Adventure Boot Camp training materials give you the details on Circuits, Props, Outdoor Classes, Core Training, Functional Training, and dozens of specific proprietary techniques we have developed for you.



Turn Key Fitness Boot Camp Business and Marketing Systems

Turn-Key Methods for Your Success

Start your Adventure Boot Camp quickly and easily with our proven turn-key methods. We’ve done all of the hard work for you so you can start fast! We teach you how to work smart and not hard.





Proven Business and Marketing Systems

FACT: Knowledge of fitness is not enough to succeed in the fitness boot camp market. This is exactly why we include proven and cutting-edge marketing and business systems that have helped many other Adventure Boot Camp coaches succeed at the highest level.




Worldwide Support Community

Adventure Boot camp is a big and happy family of PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU. So, instead of competing against each other, we all help each other become successful. After completing your exclusive training, you will be able to discuss your specific needs and experiences with our worldwide community of world-class fitness boot camp coaches to learn their secrets.



Adventure Boot Camp Fitness Business System

Your Exclusive Business & Licensing System

You will start with your CD-Rom – Official Adventure Boot Camp Operator’s Manual

  • Disc 1 – Intro, Business Fundamentals & Add-ons
  • Disc 2 – Internet/Print Marketing, Networking
  • Disc 3 – The Best Circuits, Effective Props, Outdoor Class Mastery
  • Disc 4 – Easy Sales and Camp Logistics
  • Disc 5 – Nutrition for Campers, Special Camp Days, Camp Distractions and how to Minimize Them
  • Disc 6 – ABC Slide Show of fine point that make you a Master-level Coach
  • Disc 7 – Live Footage from Actual Camps
  • Disc 8 – John Spencer Ellis teaching the Special Adidas & ABC Boot Camp in Orange County
  • Disc 9 – Core Training for Boot camp
  • Disc 10 – Functional Training for Boot Camp
  • Disc 11 – Official Manual and Test
  • Disc 12 – The Official Kelli Calabrese ABC Drill Book
  • Disc 13 – ABC Grad Success Disc Includes: sample press releases, forms, audio files, car advertising information, radio and TV commercials, digital artwork and more!


fitness boot camp marketing

2 FREE MONTHS of Fitness Fortunes Coaching with Dr. John Spencer Ellis

John will be your personal fitness business success coach and give you proven solutions and step-by-step blue prints to make more money, with less effort, in record time!

This exclusive fitness business coaching program will give you full access to John’s fitness business and marketing training videos, coaching telecasses (and downloads), and theJSE Inner Circle Forum where you will communicate with John and he will help you with your fitness business. You will be taught business systems that save you time, marketing strategies for online and off, social media marketing tactics, online video marketing, sales techniques, web site traffic, web site visitor conversion and much more. It also includes all the episodes of John’s online TV show “Personal Trainer TV”. You will be given access to JSE Inner Circle coaching immediately after you are accepted into Adventure Boot Camp. If you discontinue JSE Inner Circle coaching after 2 months, you can still use 100% of the Adventure Boot Camp system. There is never any obligation to continue with the JSE Inner Circle past your 2 months of free access.

REMEMBER: The JSE Inner Circle bonus is above and beyond your 1 year of mentorship!

Think about this!
Why would you work all day when you can help all of your clients in just one hour?

This year’s 4-year college graduates will start at about $36,000 per year.
With an Authorized Adventure Boot Camp, you will have a different story. Please do the math yourself….. Average of $15 per class per person….. 40 people or more per class….

This is why you only need to train one hour per day with Adventure Boot camp. Your Adventure Boot Camp training can be completed in a couple weeks at home! The choice is simple!

You can also consider this……. If you designed your own camp, or went with an inferior program, our local Adventure Boot Camp would make it challenging for you to grow your business to due our extensive global impact. Don’t make that mistake. Join our family instead. Make the right choice now and join the leading fitness boot camp business program in the world. Our coaches are living their dreams, and making a difference in the lives of millions of people around the world!


You will be given step-by-step strategies for the following:
Fitness Boot Camp Business Strategies

  • How to create a safe outdoor workout
  • How to work with multiple clients at once
  • How to teach a “boot camp” style fitness program
  • How to reduce your liability
  • How to make huge profits FAST
  • How to create and safely use low-cost fitness boot camp equipment
  • When to challenge your clients to their next level…safely
  • How to create a “symmetrical workout” in a natural environment
  • Hiking safety and instructional considerations
  • How to make natural structures into your world-class outdoor gym
  • Proven strategies to help your clients succeed
  • Different ways to create ‘your ideal life’ teaching Adventure Boot Camps
  • How to prepare and deal with weather changes
  • Business updates and progress
  • Client record keeping
  • How to develop FREE or very low cost boot camp web sites
  • OPTIONAL Adventure Boot Camp customized website

Adventure Boot Camp Fact Sheet

  1. Adventure Boot Camp is the largest fitness boot camp program in the world.
  2. One-time certification, training and mentorship system (no monthly licensing fees – EVER!)
  3. This is NOT a franchise. We train, mentor, and support you. You get a license to run your own Adventure Boot Camp
  4. This is not just fancy fitness marketing. That doesn’t work. It’s a complete, proven business solution from beginning to end.
  5. No territories. We do help you find the best location for your success.
  6. Unlimited earning potential
  7. On-going support from our corporate office, and our community of certified and licensed coaches
  8. We are a global educational company established in 1992
  9. We are a division of the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association NESTA)
  10. No need for renting, buying, or leasing expensive office or retail space. You DO NOT NEED to own land.
  11. Only Adventure Boot Camp has a comprehensive screening, evaluation and prerequisite process to ensure the integrity of our program worldwide. Not everyone is approved.


Meet some of our World-class Adventure Boot Camp Instructors

Greg & Krista

We started our 2nd week of our first camp here today. The first week went great. I had my campers fill out an evaluation form rating week one of camp and the feedback was awesome! They are telling me that this is the best thing they have ever done for themselves and it was well worth their money. It is the first time in many years that most of my group has seen the sunrise over the ocean!

Greg Hoff
Horry County Adventure Boot Camp


Adventure Boot Camp Certification has been the best decision I have ever made. Over the many years that I have attended numerous workshops, seminars and conventions, this by far has had the most rewarding results fulfilling my expectations of helping others and expanding my business to reach many more people and get them healthy. I’m really looking forward to the coming year and more enthusiastic campers.

Valerie Pawlowski
New Jersey Adventure Boot Camp


John really gave me the insight and knowledge to help me feel confident in running my own boot camp business. The training was fun, informative and a great value. I learned years worth of business and boot camp set-up information within a short and intense training period. I highly recommend this program.

Nicole Gunning
Morris County Adventure Boot Camp

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Requirements – Please Read Carefully

You must have the following prerequisites to qualify for this program:

1. 6 months or more experience as a fitness professional, instructing or coaching at least 20 hours per week.
2. A NESTA (or other national) personal trainer or group fitness certification or a degree in a health or sports science field.

You must indicate (within a three mile margin) where you will operate your Authorized Adventure Boot Camp. This is so we can optimize your success rates and serve you better.

Process to become Authorized & Certified:

1. Complete application form.
2. Fax form to (949) 589-8216 or mail to address below.
3. After review, we will contact you about your application. If you are accepted, we will collect your payment information and send you your certification materials.


Meet the founders of Adventure Boot Camp


Apply today to become a Certified Adventure Boot Camp Instructor!

The complete Adventure Boot Camp system is yours for just $2900

Application Form Download

Click Here to Download the Application Form


Send completed application to:
Adventure Boot Camp Business
30245 Tomas
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
Or fax (949) 589-8216


The Adventure Boot Camp Business System and License is designed for ONE individual to operate ONE Authorized Adventure Boot Camp. We have found through 11+ years of experience that partnerships do not work well, and are not needed. We will ONLY recognize the individual who signs our official agreement form. No other camp will be Authorized or Recognized.

This is not a franchise, so territories are not given. It is all of our responsibilities to respect those camps which already exist. We have found that most “campers” will not travel more than 20 minutes to attend a daily program. Starting a new camp where one is already existing would yield poor results.

You must agree to the terms of the Authorized Adventure Boot Camp Registration & Agreement Form. NOTE: Unethical behavior and illegal business practices will result in removal of your license IMMEDIATELY.